5th Film Music Festival in Cracow

This year the festival was to be cancelled due to budget cuts. Fortunately it didn’t happen so once again I travelled more than 300 km just to be there. And again, it was totally worth it.

Day 1

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

film screening with live music

I couldn’t be at this concert, but the coverage shows it was great. Also, last year they did The Pirates of the Caribbean and it was absolutely amazing to watch and listen to it live.

Day 2

Wojciech Kilar: 80th Birthday Gala

The first part of the concert focused on old Polish movies with Kilar’s soundtracks and I never imagined how good they were:) Later there was music from The Ninth Gate and Dracula which, performed live, was surprisingly intricate and delicate. Seeing and listening to Mina/Dracula was like watching a movie in 3D for the first time – it was totally the same and totally different at the same time.

Day 3

Alien – The Biomechanical Symphony.
Elliot Goldenthal’s Cinema of Art & Blood

The most interesting concert during the festival. Part one focused on soundtracks from the Alien movies. Absolutely amazing music illustrated by Giger’s graphics, amplified by the heavily industrial and spaceship-like interior of the enormous hall. The combination was perfect.

The second part included music from Interview with the Vampire, Frida, Batman Forever and Titus Andronicus. I always loved the Interview music but, surprisingly, it was overshadowed by the Titus soundtrack. I’ve seen this adaptation and remember Anthony Hopkins (with a tinge of Hannibal Lecter) but I didn’t really notice the music. And when I listened to it live it was simply crushing. The main theme, featured in the festival trailer, was so overwhelming and powerful it made me cry.



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