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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Which one is human? Neither. Not that different, are they? chimpanzee lemur catta husky dog siamese cat rabbit lark guinea pig iguana macaw parrot zebra fish   photos by Suren Manvelyan  … Continue reading

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which makes more sense

I don’t usually discuss climate change with deniers. And by deniers I don’t mean people who do not know enough to make a stand or those who are simply unsure. I mean peaple who are absolutely against the concept, claiming … Continue reading

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deny this!

Bill Nye and Isaac Asimov sing about climate change! Eco-cute:)  

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I helped discover a planet! Or two! :D

When I’m stressed I like to search for exoplanets, that is planets outside our solar system. It’s surprisingly relaxing;) I take part in an amazing citizen science project called Planet Hunters in which you help analyze data from the NASA Kepler … Continue reading

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Beautiful things always make me a bit sad.

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