Star Trek: The Original Series

Finished watching Star Trek: The Original Series!

It took me almost a year to go through all episodes. I admit I did not watch all of them carefully and sometimes had to do something else to survive thtough the bad ones, but I’m going to miss watching it. Thats why I’m going to post a must watch list of episodes with mini-reviews soon:)

I even recognize most of the characters and objects in this neat poster by dusty-abell:


edit: and here’s the key

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4 Responses to Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. Carrie Lange says:

    You have inspired me. I suppose I can’t consider myself a true Trekkie until I’ve watched all the episodes. I had to force myself to watch Enterprise for the exact same reason, and it ended up becoming my favorite ST show, so who knows what will happen?? 😉

    • weirdism says:

      I’m really happy to hear that:)
      When it comes to watching it all – TOS is incredibly uneven, some of the episodes are great and I could watch them 10 times and still don’t have enough, but some of them are just painfully bad. So it’s a tough journey;) And I don’t think that one has to watch it all to became a Trekkie:)
      I’ll be posting by best-of episode list this week, so maybe we’ll be able to compare notes on our favorite episodes:)

  2. tinatames says:

    I’m trying to watch all of TOS right now. Some episodes have been great, others not so much, but even the bad ones have entertainment value, even if it is only in laughing at bad acting/costumes/effects. So far I’m enjoying the experience, I grew up on Next Generation so it’s nice to see the origins of everything.
    Cool poster! Love evil Spock with beard! 🙂

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