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100,000 stars

Mindblowing. try the interactive version here:

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space ink

by Dan Henk and an entire book on scientific tattoos! sweet:) via

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“You promised me Mars colonies. Instead I got Facebook.”

“Why We Can`t Solve Big Problems” by Jason Pontin, MIT Tech Review, October 24, 2012 via

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I helped discover a planet! Or two! :D

When I’m stressed I like to search for exoplanets, that is planets outside our solar system. It’s surprisingly relaxing;) I take part in an amazing citizen science project called Planet Hunters in which you help analyze data from the NASA Kepler … Continue reading

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You know what’s cooler that watching meteors? Watching meteors from space! photo by Ron Garan via Bad Astronomy

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30 new / modern words in the Oxford dictionary

A couple of words that have recently been introduced to The Oxford Dictionary Online: abandonware /əˈbandənwɛː/ computer software that is no longer distributed or supported by the developer or copyright holder alpha geek a person who has great expertise in computing and related technology … Continue reading

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Today, after 7 months in space, Curiosity landed on Mars. And took my name with it🙂 Why is it so exciting and amazing? Besides the fact that we are going where noone has gone before, most of the previous Mars … Continue reading

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alien life form

-> San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

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