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photos by Jakub Purej

the graffiti on the wall means “EMPTY”   from Advertisements

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well why the hell not?

So, he’s playing an electric guitar. Over his head. While wearing a kimono. Beacause it’s more awesome. – Krakow, Poland

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Ice & Aurora by Helge Mortensen via bad astronomy

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cosmic fire

in the Monoceros contellation from APoD

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nothing there


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photo by Sarah Jackson from Smithsonian Magazine

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Alien landscapes by Daniil Korzhonov

  by  Daniil Korzhonov via Co.Design

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Venus and Jupiter

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I give you Venus (lower) and Jupiter (higher), which are so bright that even my shitty phone camera captured them;) Also, if you look at them and then turn around, you’ll be able to see Mars. … Continue reading

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back in the old days life was easier

from Vintage Scans

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this is _not_ a cat blog (I couldn’t help myself)


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